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Professional Organic Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Services Company in India, UK,USA, Europe and Australia

Professional Organic Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Services Company/Agency in India, UK, USA, Europe, Dubai, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and Canada

Norton SEO Services are the Professional Organic SEO Services Company in India, UK, Europe, USA and Australia Provides Quality Organic SEO Services Online. Our Qualified SEO Experts are Specialized in Targeting Search Rankings Locally and Globally competing with International Standards Competitive Industry Business Market.

Organic SEO Services are the best way to promote your Business online with Cost Effective. Organic SEO means Targeting your Business with a set of Qualitative and Competitive Keywords which can helps you to Drive Huge Traffic, Large number of Visitors to your Website and Lead Generation and Conversion of your End Business Goal and Increased Profitability and ROI on Investment through Search Engine Resulting Pages(SERPs) by Ranking those Keywords into Top Position. Norton Best SEO Services Online Providing Firm takes a Challenging and Vital Role in this Approach.

Best Organic SEO Services Company India, UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Dubai, UAE and Australia

SEO stands for "search engine optimization." It is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural listings on search engines. In other words, not the paid (Pay-Per-Click) results on the outside columns. This is important because the face of the Internet is changing. With over 75% of large and small companies now online, there's an increase in competition and 'market share' for the top search engine positions. Your goal should be having your website placed within the top ten positions in the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google, of course, currently holds over 60% of all online searches. So, this should be a primary target for your SEO work.

A large amount of consumers use the internet first when attempting to find local businesses. If your website appears high in the search rankings for your business type, then you are likely to generate a lot of extra business. Before the internet was widespread, word of mouth was probably the strongest marketing tool, but in this digital age, people now perform their own research using search engines. The information and websites they find when doing this search will govern what purchases they make. It is critical for your business to have good search engine rankings.

Research has shown that over 80% of users will click on results that appear on the first page. Less than 5% will click on any result past the third page. If your business is not on the first page of the search results, you are losing out on a very large amount of potential business. SEO can have incredible benefits

SEO can be divided in to two main areas: Off page SEO and On page SEO, Off page SEO works separately from the website whereas On-page SEO works on the website and helps in ranking better. So to optimize the website fully, both on page and off page SEO is required.

Purpose of using SEO:

Example: If your company website is having an online presence and have been ranked # 10 on the major search engine, then you are losing money to your competition every single day. More than 90% of people will only click links on the first page of the search results. Here, to raise your website to #1 position, an SEO is required. SEO will follow the following strategies:

  • Understand the business objectives and goals.
  • Identify the right kind of visitor who would be coming to your website
  • Analyzing your site's content to see if the current content is adequate to Attract visitors, and make them stay interested in your website.
  • Analyze your competitor's website to see how they are fare in search engine rankings.
  • Target the terms to be used by giving the 3 or 4 keywords for your website to rank well.
  • These keywords can be either broad or specific which determines the rankings of your website.

Helps in Social Media Marketing by getting the most effective and economical Brand Building and Targeted Traffic generation through:

  • Targeted Visitors
  • Targeted Branding
  • High Online Presence
  • Higher Conversion & Interaction

SEO process for Website:


Our team of SEO professionals constantly analyze and study developments in the search engine industry, including algorithm changes, search engine updates, emerging search engines, local search engines, etc, so that your search engine campaign gets nothing but the best.

In Search Engine Optimization, the following steps are to be carried out:

  • SEO Audit
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Tracking and Improvement

SEO Audit

SEO Audit acts as first step towards generating substantial results with the help of SEO. It provides a thorough review of the website's SEO history, current performance and recommendations for future growth.

The following factors needs to be analysed while conducting SEO Audit:

  • Search Engine Index Status.
  • Keyword Usage Analysis.
  • Meta Tags Analysis.
  • Current Ranking Status.
  • Current Traffic Status.
  • Link Popularity.
  • Indexed Pages.
  • Page Rank.
  • Directory Listing Status.
  • Sitemap Existence Status.
  • Keyword Density Analysis.
  • Design and Navigation.
  • Content Compatibility Status.
  • Meta Robots Tag.

On- Page Optimization:

On page Optimization is a process which can be used to makes changes for a website as per Search Engine Guidelines and to make a Website Search Engine Friendly and to get more Visibility Online Web Trends and SERPs (Search Engine Resulting Pages).

Preliminary Website Analysis:

Preliminary Website Analysis is that it defines The Current Status Report of a Website.

  • What is the site type HTML or JAVA SCRIPT Coding and Design it contains.
  • Domain Age.
  • Google Page Rank.
  • Back Links According to GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN Search Engines.
  • Indexed Pages Status.
  • Navigation Structure (Internal Links, Broken Links).

Directories Listed Like DMOZ.

  • URL Structure like Static or Dynamic URL's The Website Contains.
  • How Meat Tags Are written and Optimized like Title, Description and Keyword Tags.
  • User Friendly Site Maps HTML Sitemap, Search Engine Friendly Sitemap XML Sitemap.
  • Avoid JavaScript, Flash, and Frames.
  • Finding H1 Tags, Alt Tags For Images.
  • Content Analysis like Keyword based Content, Bold Text, Anchor Text, Heading Tags, Link Text, and Hidden Text.

Keyword Analysis and optimization:

According to Preliminary Website Analysis. We have to start work with Keyword Analysis for that particular Website. And Have to change Keywords Based on Google Search Engine updates.

  • Analysis for Keyword selection is the most important Task in SEO. Selecting the keywords using Google Ad words Tool According to Competition and Search Volume for the Keyword Globally. The parameter for the Keyword Selection is the Keyword should be in Digit competition and the Search volume for the keyword should be high and keyword Competition should be low.
  • Selecting different Keywords based on Home Page and Internal Pages. Grouping the Keywords and Finalizing the Keywords. At last inserting the keywords for each page.

    Generating Meta Tags:
    • Creating Title Tags like Title Tag Stuffed with High Search Volume Keywords.
    • Creating Description with Keyword Stuffed Content it Briefs about the Website.
    • Creating Keyword Tags that Stuffed with the Keywords which has been listed for the Website or Web Page.

    Competitor Analysis:

    This Entire Process to be done based on Keywords. For Each Keyword of the Website We Have to take the First Top 10 Competitors and Analyzing the Web sites That How the Meta Tags are written and Keywords Inserted and Page Rank For The Web Sites, Back Links For The Web Sites. We have to prepare a Report on this.

    Content and Image Optimization:

    Prepare keyword stuffed content with usage of Heading, Bold and anchor tags. Targeted keywords are to be used in the above mentioned tags. Maintain an optimum range of keyword density: 3% - 5%. Optimize the images in such a way that the text behind the images gets crawled by search engines with the use of Alt tags.

    Design and Navigation Optimization:

    Analyse and optimize the URL Length, File Names, Animated GIF's, Download time, Cloaking, existence of Frames, Java Script, Flash and HTML Validations. In Navigation Optimization, optimize the URL Structures. A good navigation menu helps the site visitors navigate through website efficiently in as few clicks as possible. Optimize the Navigation menus and text links and improve the internal linking structure of website. Interconnect all the web pages to enhance the visibility in search engines.

    Sitemaps Creation:

    Create a HTML sitemap for user-friendly navigation. It should contain ordered list of all the pages of a website (or, for a large site, at least the most important pages). Create XML site map with all pages for search engine crawling.

    Canonical and 301 Re directions:

    Canonical Redirection which makes a Website with Pages Unique and Eliminates Duplication. 301 Redirection set as Permanent Redirection Solution for a Website and other Re directions like 302,304 and 404.

    Targeting Keywords of Home Page:

    After Successfully Completing the Meta tags and Keywords Insertion, We have to Target on Home Page Keywords and to start the Task Social Media Optimization (SMO). For the Website.

Off-Page Optimization:

Social Media Optimization (SMO):

In Social Media Optimization There are different Tasks. They Are.

  1. Submitting the Website to Search Engines
  2. Link Building Campaign Management.

Search Engine Submission (SES):

  • Submitting our Site to Different Search Engines Site list that to Know Our Site is ready for Crawling and to be indexed by the Google Search Engine and other Search Engines.

This SES Task makes our Site Popular and Spread Worldwide to all.

Link Building Campaign Management.

Link Building campaign Management Has Different kinds of Tasks. Like,

    One Way Linking:
  • One Way Linking is a Process that Based on Keywords We will find the relevant Industrial Category sites using Tool Manually in Google.
  • Using the Tool We will get a Sites list which can place Same Keyword Related Sites of Relevant Category.
  • Submitting our Website Details into them Selecting Free Submitting Options.

Two Way Linking or Reciprocal Linking:

  • Two ways Linking is nothing but like One Way Linking. And we have to find Relevant Industrial category sites And Sending Mail to the Admin that making an Agreement that we can place their Site link in our Website, and they have to place our link in their Website.

Directory Submissions (DS):

  • Submitting Our Website into different Directories is the main task in Link Building Campaign.

Listing our site in Directory Recommended sites Like Listing our Website in DMOZ Directory is Getting Recognized and Popular According to Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Same like Blog Directory Submissions and Article Directory Submission has to be performed.

Social Book Marking (SBM):

  • Social Book Marking is the Major Task in Link Building campaign.
  • Submitting Our Site Related Information or link into the SBM sites that easy to get indexed and get popular and get Traffic from the SBM Sites Placing our Site Link.
  • The SBM Sites Which we Submitted Content will affect within 24 hours in Google.
  • The Top Ranked and fast Indexed SBM Sites.


Twitter, Digg , Jumptags, Stumble Upon, Reddit, 43 Things, ShortText, Mixx, Mister Wong, Kaboodle, Ask, Diigo, Zimbio, Save this Link, Spot Back, Post on Fire, Bestuff, Clipmark, Design bump........etc.

Social Networking Sites:

  • Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Linked in......Etc. Twitter and Facebook are Social Book Marking and Social Networking Site.

Web 2.0 Pages Creation:

  • Web 2.0 Pages Creation is a Process that Creating Blogs For Our Site Using Blog sites like (Google), (Word Press), Squidoo, Hub pages, Vox......etc.
  • We have to place Content into the Blog post Placing 2 keywords with links are the WebPages Creation.
  • We should submit the Blogs in Blog Directories.

Social Networking Sites:

  • When We Write Article Reviews for our Site it can be published and noticed by Users and Generate Traffic from Different Sources We have to publish the Article in Article Submitting Sites it will be reviewed and Approved by Admin in few days, and we should submit the Approved Articles in Article Submission sites. In the Article We can insert only 2 links for the Keywords Allowed by the Admin.

Example for Article posting sites:

  • EzineArticle, Article Base, Article Alley, go article, ehow, Wired......etc.

Press Release:

  • Any New Product is launched or Any New Updates or Press Meets Are Published Through Press Releases Submission Sites.

Example for Press Release Posting sites:

  • Free Press Release, Pressbox, PressReleasepoint, Prlog, PressReleasesite, Businesswire...etc.

Blog Commenting:

Searching for Industrial Category Keyword Based Blogs that Relevant to our Site Keywords and Commenting into that Blogs is Another Task. The Sites to Be Search in Google Using Manual Tool.

Forum Posting and Discussion Boards:

  • Forum Posting and Discussion is the Task that posting our views and discussions into different Forums that Are Industrial Related Categories. After Consequently posting 10-15 Forums or Discussions Admin will Approve Our Membership And places Our link Automatically When We logged in And posted a view or discussion.

Best Example Site for Forums and Discussion Boards:DIGITAL POINT.

RSS Feed Submissions:

  • Creating RSS Feed for Our Site Posts That Generating RSS Feeds and URL's submitting them into RSS Feed Submission Sites. And It Displays The Recent Updates of our Website.

Example Site to Creating RSS FEEDS For the Website Topics:ICOROCKET.

Profile Creation:

  • Profile Creation is a Task to Submit the Site Details and Insert Keywords, links And Content into the Profile filling Formality in the Profile Creation Sites Yields Best results in Traffic Generation. Here we can Place Many Links to the Keywords.

Example for Profile Creation Sites:

Rotten Tomatoes, Budokin, Uvoch, Trail fire, VatorTV, Recipezaar, Mycommunitywalk...etc.

Blog Commenting:

  • Photo Marketing is a task that Collecting Group of Photos Relevant to a Product, Topic of Our Website and Submitting into The Photo Marketing Sites. It is one the best Source to get Traffic and Advertise our Products.

Example for Photo Marketing Sites:

  • Picassa, Flickr, Ishare.rediff, Image shack, Photo Bucket, Ziddu.....etc.

Podcasting (Video Submission):

  • Submitting the videos of Our Site Products and Making Embedded Codes for the videos and submitting them into Podcasting Sites.

Deep Linking:

  • The Deep Linking Task is done only For Internal Pages.
  • Submitting Internal Page URL's into the Deep Linking Site list. It is same like As One Way Linking Process.

Google Analytics and Tracking:

Using Google Analytics and Tracking, Alexa Traffic Rank. We can Get Day to Day Traffic Rank, Traffic Sources, Unique Visitors, Traffic Volume, Demo Graphic and Geographic Traffic Results. Keyword Based Traffic Updates and Top keyword Search results also we will get. This is the Overall Plan of Action for the website. According to this Plan of Action We will do SEO for a Website? This Tasks Should be Performed Based on Targeting Pages Like Home Page or Internal Pages And Keywords.

Tracking and Improvement


Track keyword rankings; website traffic and carry website tweaking so as to maintain the achieved rankings and further to enhance them.

Monitoring Search Engine Rankings:

Track ranking reports on week basis and check whether or not the website is currently ranking for targeted keywords in the major search engines.

Traffic Tracking:

Analyze the traffic of a website with the usage of Web Analytics tools. Track website's traffic statistics and check how much traffic website is receiving. Also, analyze Total Visits, Total Page Views, Bounce Rate, Average Time on Site, Traffic Sources Overview, and Content Overview, traffic from various countries, cities and IP's using Web Analytics tools.


Compare previous and current month rankings and traffic. Analyze the traffic improvement (increment or decrement). Based on the comparison, perform the below to improve the traffic/rankings if necessary:

  • Analyze the current keywords used on website; research and add new ones. Update the content with keywords chosen.
  • Make subtle changes to the Meta tags, page titles, Meta description, keywords and text headings; or add additional sections to the site like rewriting content and reorganizing the web site's structure.
  • Tweak website structure and navigation - if visitors are having a difficult time in navigating web site, such as reading the content or experience broken links, then repair or tweak the site to make it more suitable for visitors.
  • Boost link popularity - Research other websites related to the web site and add or exchange links with them.
  • Analyze the link popularity of competitors to determine how many incoming links they have and what the quality of those links. Do not link to unrelated sites and ideally link to sites that already attract a lot of traffic.

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