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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services Company UK, USA and India

PPC (Pay per Click):

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): pay-for-inclusion marketing helps ensure that your web site is quickly and appropriately listed in search engines' sponsored sections. Norton SEO Services Ads Pay Per Click(PPC) Management Services Company UK, USA and India has hands on experience with highly Professionalized Ad Campaigning experts serving clients for many years.

Sort out the keywords lists and categorize them into tightly defined groups which are used for writing ads for specific groups of keywords and setting a bid price for all keywords that are in an Ad Group.

Campaign Structuring

Campaign Setup

In Google Ad words Campaigns, Create a new campaign with initial settings like target locations, languages and daily budget.

Creating Ad Group:

In Continuation, We have to create a ad groups at Ad Group Creation page. Create the two to five ad copies based on the number of keywords in the ad group.

Creating Ad Copy:

Create ad copy by Selecting create an Ad and Ad type as Text ad. By adding Headline, Description line1, Description line2, Display URL, Destination URL with in limitation as follows:

Head Line: 25 Characters
Description Line 1: 35 Characters
Description Line 2: 35 Characters

Display and Destination URL: The display URL is shown in ad copy (usually the domain), whereas the destination URL is where the ad will actually drive (usually a sub-page). For each ad group, select a page on the site which is most relevant to the group's keywords. Also, Create campaign landing pages based on the products and services.

Add the keywords of the ad group which are prepared in the keyword analysis. Set the default bid, Managed placements bid, content bid for each ad group with minimum and saved the ad group.

Write as many as possible ad copies for each keyword. Include the exact keyword in the ad copy, which will generate higher click through rate and Increases ad relevance. Repeat the process and create ad copies for each group based on the no. of the keywords in the group.

Conversion Tracking:

Set up conversion tracking at Google Adwords Reporting -> Conversion. For Tracking Conversions, Create conversion name. After saving the Conversion, add code settings Language, text format and generated the code. Add the code in the source of action page of the Campaign.

Campaign Management:

Bid Management Closely monitor the positions of keywords in Google by changing the bids for each keyword group to decrease the cost per click and to increase the conversion rate.

Keyword Modification

Add new keywords to the ad groups by researching and forming key phrases with the help of Keyword Analysis.

Testing of New Ads

Create new ad copies for various Ad groups by varying keywords, description in ad copy and tracked the conversion for each ad copy.

Tracking & Improvement

Use the conversion in the reporting of Google Ad words, Track the conversion on weekly basis and improve the campaign with help of campaign management.

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